Corpus Christi 2016 (artist residency in Texas)

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In March 2016 I’ve spend 20 days in texan town of Corpus Christi. My friend and wonderful painter, Katarina Janeckova Walshe, who lives here with her husband, invited me generously for three weeks artist in residency stay in her house and studio.

Corpus Christi is located on a lagoon and near the sea,so

there is an abundance of birds, fish, and other wildlife. I could spend hours watching water-birds directly from

Katarina’s terrace, where I was painting as well.

I could observe and draw white ibis, white and brown p

elicans, four different kinds

of egrets and herons, all looking for food in shallow waters of the Laguna Madre.

We went as well to a birding place in Port Aransas, on Padre Island, where there lives alligators, roseate spoonbills and other rare kinds of birds.

The terrace with a lagoon view

We decided to make a road trip to west Texas, spending two night in border-town Fort Davis with it’s dramatic history, visiting Marfa, where Donald Judd use to have his studios, which are

now a museum, and spending another

two nights near the ghost town Terlingua, in a trailer-house in the middle of the desert.

Three girls alone in the desert was the subject of the large painting I made after our return

to the coast.

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Studio on the terrace in Flour Bluff, Corpus Christi

And than, as well, I painted pelicans, tropical mantis, our dog Raley, and other small stories from

our three

 weeks artist-marriage with Katarina in Texas.

Thank you Katka :).

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Flying Brown Pelican, acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm

Brown Pelican, 40x50cm

African mantis, 40x40cm

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Little Blue Heron & Leaf Mantis, acrylic on canvas, 30x40cm

Heron, Raley Birdwatching, and Leaf Mantis

Mantis Dancing, acrylic on paper A2

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Praying Mantis, acrylic on paper A2

Raley on the beach

Texan Black Bird

Terlingua Drawing

Drawings from the desert near Terlingua

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Cactus in Terlingua Ghost Town

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150x190cm, ink, acrylic and pencil on paper, 2016

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acrylic sketches on canvas

Raley on the beach